This is not a post with a lot of my own thought attached.  I referenced George Howard’s work earlier this week.  This content was originally published on Forbes, I believe.  This is some of the best thought that I’ve seen printed about how a future can exist outside the current mega-label hegemony.  Those of us who are not selling – and may never sell – millions of records are not well served by the existing royalty, tracking, payment and rights administration schemes.  What is proposed here would be transformative for composers, song-writers, indie labels, and just about anyone who makes things that exist in digital form.  I don’t know how close or far this is, but the ideas are important and worth discussion and advocating for.

Without further ado, here are links to the articles.  Personally, I wish George Howard & Imogen Heap success in what they are championing.  It is refreshing to see new thought on these subjects that is not just echo-chamber material.


Part 1:The Bitcoin Blockchain Might Save The Music Industry…If Only We Could Understand It

Part 2: Bitcoin Can’t Save The Music Industry If The Music Industry Continues To Resist Transparency

Part 3: Bitcoin And Music: An Interview With Artist And Composer Zoe Keating

Part 4:  Imogen Heap’s Mycelia: Creating A Fair Trade Music Business, Inspired By Blockchain

Part 5:  Union Square Ventures’ Andy Weissman On The Blockchain And The Music Rights ‘Nirvana State’

Part 6:  Imogen Heap On Mycelia: A Fair Trade Music Business Inspired By Bitcoin Blockchain