I had one of the best piano technicians in the area come and tune my piano.  There is really no comparison.  The unisons are essentially perfect, and the whole instrument is much better than I did.  It now sparkles the way a piano should and there is no chorusing on unisons.  Interestingly, he did comment that he agreed with the stretch tuning, but that it had just fallen about 3 cents flat.  So, the software is quite good.  But it also confirmed that my skill at using the tuning hammer is just not there.

So, my brief stint as a piano tuner is over. I can’t say that I’m interested in doing it again.  In every way it is better to let the pro do the job.  He is faster, less expensive (when my time is considered), and of substantially higher quality.  And, by using him regularly, I build relationship with someone who can help me when the instrument requires regulation, which it undoubtedly will at some point.

In the end, fine motor skill is fine motor skill and there is no replacement for experience and practice.  It is true in front of the keyboard whether playing or wielding a tuning hammer.