One of the great things in life is having good friends.  When you have a good friend who is also an artist, it can be a lot of fun to share the results of our endeavors.  Tabitha Deering is awonderful photographer friend.  Her husband Eli is a fantastic drummer and sometimes video producer.  Having them over for dinner is like a two-for-one bonus deal since they have great kids too!  Tabitha is always taking pictures and she whipped out the camera at a recent gig Eli and I were both on.  Here’s a sample of what she does (click for bigger images):

First rate work.  She just got back from a major event shoot in LA covering a comedy festival, and the pictures are great.  If you’ve got an event to cover, Tabitha will do a great job and deliver strong images.  Here’s a great “moment in time” where I’m clearly intent on something the band leader is doing:

To check out her work, or contact her, go to: