India – Day One

For the next two weeks, I’ll be in India.  This video shows some of the sights and experiences from the first day!


Vertical Call India – Day One from Nathanael Iversen on Vimeo.


1st Short Film Released

Here is my first completed film – a short documentary style film for a church group who is working on a major prayer festival in India.  It was an ambitious project, as it involved coordinating 8 interviews, a 3 hour live concert, and recording a whole Sunday service as well. It involved construction of staging, hiring in stage lights, rental equipment, etc.  All total it was 16+ hours of HD footage, some of it 2 and 4 camera shoots, a 24 track audio recording, etc.  The credits at the end show how many people it takes to do this.  I know that I no longer have any questions as to why there are 130 people in the credits at the end of a “budget movie”.  I wore WAY too many hats on this one.

VCI India Film from Nathanael Iversen on Vimeo.

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